Transforming Location: Part One

In film and theatre, set designers and builders alike will heavily rely on technical drawings or scale models to build a clear communicative understanding between designer and director. They will often receive a locations details and in conjunction with the script/ story, will build an ideal set for a specific scene.

A selection of my blogs will feature a step by step record of processes used in industry to record, build and realise a location with my assign college brief as an example.

I study at UAL, Wimbledon College of Arts which is heavily linked with the film industry. For this particular unit, we were assigned a project brief that would allow us to:

  • Choose a location
  • Take detailed measurements of said location
  • Use these measurements to draft an accurate 1:25 scale technical drawing
  • Produce a white card model
  • Research into appropriate time periods/ settings in which this location could be transformed
  • Research into character design for this particular set.

The aim is to provide us with a clear, comprehensive understanding of set design and transformation.

Please view Transforming Location Part Two to view the first step in Transforming a Location.




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